Moyclare Garden - Lodge Hill, Liskeard, Cornwall, PL14 4EH

The map below shows the location of Moyclare.

To remove the label click on the X in its top right corner, or anywhere on the map outside the label. To return the label click on the red arrow (or pin). If you choose from the options presented in the label you will be able to print out a detailed route for your guidance. The buttons at the top right alter the mapping and satellite image overlay options.

To change the scale, or the centre-point, use the buttons at the top left. The green arrow is only an approximate pointer. Moyclare is the third property due south of the arrow-tip. At the time the satellite mapping picture was made most of Moyclare Garden was in shadow.


From the centre of Liskeard take the road to the Station. Moyclare Garden is 500 yards (or metres), beyond the station on the left, shortly before the road bends right and narrows as it goes down Lodge Hill. Moyclare is adjacent, on the uphill side, of Morly Tamblyn Lodge, where there is (with their kind permission) ample parking space.

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