Ian Pethers - Artist

The prices of paintings from Glenrock Studio

Potential customers often ask for the likely cost of one of paintings by Ian Pethers. They range in price, depending on size, style and complexity, and other factors, from £150 to £300. They are normally sold framed, with double window mounts, using conservation grade techniques, and wood from sustainable, non-tropical, sources. Delivery can be arranged at modest cost. Greetings cards can also be made from some of Ian Pethers works. Should you wish to make further enquiries please write, telephone, or e-mail.

Ian Pethers
Glenrock Studio
Gunnislake Station
UK - PL18 9EE

Telephone (+44) or (0) 1822 834289.

Some sample pictures from Glenrock Studio Gallery are here, or visit Ian Pethers' home page.

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