Pethers Family Tree

Ian Pethers has done some research on the family tree, and displays some elements of it here - mainly with a view to helping those investigating in this area, and also to glean any further useful information.

A comprehensive edition of the Pethers Family Tree, including all known siblings and descendants, is available from Ian at Glenrock Studio. He would be pleased to hear from anyone who can add more detail.

Ian Pethers' antecedents, male side

James Pither (b 1787, d 1842) carpenter
= Ann Wincott b <1800> Moreton Morrell, Warwickshire

Edward Frederick Pither (b 1827 Hammersmith, d 1904) excavator
= Harriet Brooks (b 1832 Heston)

Ernest Arthur Pether (b1865 Brentford, d 1952) dyer and cleaner
= Rosalia Murieum Allingham (b 1870 Dalston, d 1930)

Clarence Leopold Pethers (b 1910 Brentford d 1979) musician and salesman
= Doris Kathleen Hull (b 1916 Pimlico, d 2002)

Ian Peter Andrew Pethers (b 1956 Lambeth) artist
= Marylou Godfrey (b 1956 Sheppey)

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